Spatial Data Analysis and Modeling with R

This website provides materials to learn about spatial data analysis and modeling with R. R is a widely used programming language and software environment for data analysis and graphics. R also has advanced capabilities for dealing with spatial, and spatio-temporal, data; and it provides unparalleled opportunities for analyzing such data.


1. Introduction to R

Start here if you have never used R, or if you need a refresher. pdf

2. Spatial data manipulation with R

Read this to learn about the basics of reading, writing, and manipulating spatial data. pdf

3. Spatial data analysis

A introduction to methods for description, prediction and inference with spatial data. pdf

4. Remote sensing image analysis

A introduction to remote sensing (satellite) image analysis spatial data. pdf

5. Case studies

A (small) collection of case studies that can help you learn more about particular topics and design your own workflows. pdf

Special topics

I. Spherical computation

Computing distances and other measures on a sphere or spheroid. pdf

II. Species Distribution Modeling with R

A in-depth tutorial for predicting the geographic ranges of species. pdf

III. Geographic Information Analysis

R companion to Geographic Information Analysis by O’Sullivan and Unwin. pdf